Lions Eye Research Foundation New Jersey - A Non-profit organization To provide financial assistance, in eye research and related fields and to stimulate a continuing program of research to prevent the occurrence of eye diseases and defects.
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The Lions Eye Research Foundation of NJ, Inc.



The idea behind the "challenge coin" is to increase awarness, promote participation, and give a sense of pride to our cause.

Coins feature the International Lions" logo on one side, and a "reclining" Male Lion on the Reverse in bas relief and engraved "LERF".

Challenge Coin

The "Military-Style Challenge Coin" was presented to the Trustees by Secretary PCC Bob Virgadamo; he explained that if we at LERF promote this, as a group, around the State, we might be able to create a positive influence among Lions: bring back, or at least encourage, "Lions Pride"; increase a sense of camaraderie; perhaps create the possibility of open discussion with non-Lions, which might promote membership; and, at the same time, start a fun and creative fundraiser, instead of conducting another raffle.

The "Challenge Coin" idea was overwhelmingly accepted, and are available at at cost of $5.00 each. These coins can be purchased from any LERF Trustee, or at your local Lions Club Meeting.

Your purchase of one of these Challenge Coins directly supports the LERF and the funds will go directly to the foundation to support eye research.


Drawing Date
June 19, 2017

Station Bar & Grill
2625 Highway 130
Cranbury N.J. 08512

The Officers and Board of Trustees of the Lions Eye Research Foundation of New jersey, Inc sincerely appreciate all of the Lions Clubs and individual Lions and friends who purchased our raffle tickets again this year.

Through your generosity we have raised in excess of $3,500 given out in prizes and a similar amount (less expenses) for our organization.
The three winners of our June 19, 2017 drawing received Fifty Percent of the total income:
First Prize:
Second Prize:
Third Prize:
Anthony G, of Cedar Grove
Gerard P from Clifton
Mt Olive Lions Club


7th Annual Dog Crawl Fund Raiser


The Dog Crawl is a cute fundraiser contest for our foundation. The purpose of the contest is to generate donations to LERF while at the same time, having some fun. The participants in the "Crawl" are Hotdog Vendors, Participants (hotdog eaters), Sponsors (Donors), and Judges.

The Contestants secured Sponsors to make donations based upon the number of hotdogs each contestant ate in the contest. All the players moved from one "dog" vendor to the next. When all was done, the person who ate the most hotdogs won the contest, and the Foundation benefited from the donations.

We traveled to 5 locations and ate hot dogs, etc. Usually two or more at each location. Sides and drinks counted too, toward the overall donations. He or She who ate the most dogs in the usual five hours was the Champion of our Dog Crawl.

For 2018, we are looking for sponsors for those of us who will be "dog crawling" either by the dog, topping, sides and drink or by a flat donation amount with a $50.00 maximum (unless you choose to go higher).

In 2014, we raised some $3,000.00 with just 5 crawlers and their supporters. For 2015 we were hoping to top that figure at closer to $4,000.00 or more.

The 2018 Dog Crawl is yet to be decided and planned.

PDG Dr. Ed Meyer, PCC Bob Virgadamo, PCC Mel Bray and PDG Robert Frank challenged each other for the Top Dog Crawler spot. Dr. Ed Meyer has been the Champion for 6 years running. PCC Mel Bray has been challenging for that spot for 5 years now tying for the Top Spot twice. Will this be the year Dr. Ed looses his crown? Check with your District Trustees or here for updates.

2015 Dog Crawl Stops

The Route for 2015's event was decided and was announced at the Lerf-NJ meeting on April 6, 2015.

The route started in Middlesex County and ended in Monmouth County.

  1. New Coney Island 192 Smith St #A Street, Perth Amboy
  2. Eastern Diesel & Duke 139 Easton Ave, New Brunswick, NJ
  3. Daves Hot Dogs 323 S. Pine Ave, Sayerville, NJ
  4. Windmill Restaurant 200 Ocean Ave, North, Long Branch, NJ

It's been several years, but we just received photos of 2011's Dog Crawl III Report & Photos
Facebook Video

Pete and Elda's Bar/ Carmen's Pizzeria ~ 93 Summit Ave, Neptune City, NJ 07753

The PIZZA PROWL was a fun fundraiser contest for our foundation. The purpose of the contest was to generate donations to LERF while at the same time, have some fun.
The participants in the "Prowl" are Prowlers (pizza eaters), Sponsors (Donors), and Judges.

Prowlers secured sponsors who pledged donations based upon how much pizza the Prowler Ate.

Donations were 1) Fixed Amount, 2) Per Slice Amount, 3) Whole Pie Amount

The Judges kept track of the amount of pizza eaten by each Prowler and reported that amount to each Sponsor. The Sponsor was then responsible for fulfilling his/her pledge.

2017 Report Coming

2016 Pizza Prowl

We had five prowlers for the 2016 event who all did themselves proud. Everyone was able to eat a whole pie and generate substantial donations.

The gang arrived at Pete and Elda's Bar/ Carmen's Pizzeria located in Neptune City just before lunch and they had perfect timing. When they first arrived, the restaurant was empty, but by the time their orders arrived, the restraunt was full.

Participants who ate a whole pie were awarded t-shirts. The following are before and after photos.

Over all, these five gentlemen raised over $1000 for LERF-NJ.


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